Light verb constructions as complex verbs. Features, typology and function

49th SLE Conference

Naples, August 31 – September 3, 2016

Convenors:  Raffaele Simone, Lunella Mereu, Anna Pompei, Valentina Piunno (Roma Tre University)

Workshop proposal

1. Introduction Anna Pompei and Valentina Piunno
2. On light verbs in language-mixing Tonjes Veenstra
3. Persian Light Verbs as Event Determiners Gholam Hossein Karimi-Doostan and Mahdiyeh Eshaghi
4. On English Light Verb Extensions: analysis, types, and classification Roberta Mastrofini
5. Aspectual Encodings in Mandarin Light Verb Constructions with GIVE: An Insight from Grammaticalization Lu Lu
6. Arbitrariness and semantic motivation in the choice of light verbs: Evidence from Spanish Marcos García Salido
7. Light Verb Constructions as valency modeling. A study of Norwegian. Lars Hellan
8. Distribution of Valency Complementations in Czech Light Verb Constructions Václava Kettnerová
9. Light verbs and light nouns in polysynthetic languages Johanna Mattissen
10. Light verb constructions vs. preverbal verbs in Looma Daria Mishchenko
11. Making a move towards Ancient Greek light verb constructions Noemi De Pasquale
12. Conclusions Lunella Mereu